Noise barriers

Ramo Green Barriers offers several types of noise-proof barriers designed according to the needs of the project, as an ecological and sustainable solution to noise and visual pollution problems.

How are our walls designed ?

Ramo noise-proof Green Barriers are made of natural and durable materials. Our Barriers are made of sturdy galvanized steel rods, larch, acoustic rock wool and large diameter willow rods.

Their beauty, strength and acoustic performance will last for years to come. This tested and proven technology meets the highest standards and requirements in terms of quality and technical performance.

Ramo noise-proof Green Barriere are long lasting and maintenance-free. With time, the wood will turn gray and the climbing plants will display hints of green and red depending on the season.


 Facades design


In order to meet the needs of your project, our products offer a variety of facades. You can either choose our dried willow products (with or without bark), larch or wire mesh. Dried willow is almost maintenance-free, but for a more economical option, you can choose larch or wire mesh.

Barkless willow

Clean willow

Natural willow with bark


Wire mesh

More effective than concrete… Really ?

An anti-noise wall must reduce noise in a given sector. However, it is important to avoid amplifying noise on the opposite side of the barrier with sound reflection. In the case of reflecting concrete walls, the noise level can sometimes increase by 3 dBA.

Studies show that our barriers absorb up to 95% of the sound, which is blocked rather than reflected.

Whats size should your sound barrier wall be?

The height and thickness of the wall have a major influence on the efficiency of your acoustic barrier. The higher the wall, the more efficient it will be. Don’t forget, your barrier will need to be longer than the area you wish to shield, otherwise noise may circumvent your wall’s limits.

Insulating element and acoustic properties

Our walls are insulated with Rockdelta rock wool especially designed for outdoor conditions.

Rock wool possesses incomparable acoustic properties. We offer two densities of wool: 13 kg/m² and 21 kg/m², so we can adapt the project according to your specific needs. If you need even higher densities, please contact us.

The Green Barriers respect the CE European standards as well as the ASTM North-American standards. Our noise barrier walls were tested by DELTA (www.madebydelta.com) and Intertek (www.intertek.com), leaders in the test and control industry.

The insulating element and acoustic properties

Our walls are insulated with Rockdelta rock wool specially designed for outdoor conditions.

Rock wool offers incomparable acoustic properties. We offer two wool density: 13 kg/m² and 21 kg/m². We can therefore adjust to your specific needs. If necessary, if you require densitabove our standards, please contact us.

Ramea green barriers meet European CE conformity standards as well as North American ASTM standards. Our noise barriers have been tested by DELTA ( www.madebydelta.com) and Intertek (www.intertek.com), leaders in the testing and control industry.

Green barrier 240 Green barrier 120
Sound insulation DLR = 32 dB (catégory B3) DLR = 22 dB (catégory B2)
Sound absorption DLa = 5 dB (catégory 2) DLa = 9 dB (catégory A3)
Sound attenuation index Rw (dB) 37 26
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