Enhance your landscaping with our willow fences

Our durable, Canada-made screens stand out with a unique style that blends perfectly with any environment and is maintenance-free

 WHat to know?

 Ramo does not sell its fences directly to customers.
To buy our product, consult the list of distributors and find the one nearest you.


Willow fences offer an aesthetic and ecological solution for you to reclaim your privacyPerfect for your gardenyour deck, or your pool.

It had never been easier to install our fences : mounted on your patio, attached to an existing “frost fence” structure, or a regular post mounted installation.

Maintenance free

Natural and recyclable materials

Grown, harvested and manufactured in Quebec

Long life span

The RAMO team focuses on willow cultivation and the circular economy to develop high-quality, sustainable products.
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