Noise barrier

The Hybrid

Carbon negative

Sound-absorbing on one side, sound-reflective on the other

Marginally receptive to graffiti


Quick and easy installation

Danish design, German expertise

The Hybrid is the perfect pairing of Danish design and German expertise.

This product features a distinctive design and offers carbon negativity, outstanding durability and superior acoustic performance.

Combining a woven willow facing, a larch facing and a rock wool acoustic core, this product is sound-absorbing on one side and sound-reflective on the other.

Installation of the prefabricated panels between two H-posts is simple and straightforward. They are covered by a metal cap and set on a concrete base to extend their useful life.

Technical information

Height Span Surface density STC
(ASTM E413, ASTM E90)
(ASTM C423)
5' / 7'
or customized
or customized
+27 kg/m2 32 0,8

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