Soil Bioengineering

Whether it is for stabilizing shorelines, revegetation of degraded sites, installation of riparian buffers or windbreaks, Ramea phytotechnologiesis the partner of choice for Quebec’s soil bioengineering contractors. With more than 30 shrub willow varieties in production on nearly 165 hectares of plantation, we can provide you with plant material that meets your needs, regardless of your project size.

Stems are harvested mechanically in fall and kept dormant in a refrigerated warehouse just until being transported to the plantation site. This allows us to deliver very highquality products within a time frame adapted your project progress. It also allows you to widen your project implementation period.

Our products:

Cuttings (20cm and more)

Willow rods for any stabilisation techniques (0 to 4 m)

Bundles (variable dimensions)

Potted plants(1 gal.)

Ramial chipped wood (RCW)

Our native varieties :
– Salix discolor
– Salix eriocephala

– Salix bebbiana
– Salix interior

To learn more about plant engineering at Ramo, you can reach us
directly at lcbarbeau@ramo.eco

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