Discover RCW Ramo mulch

Discover RCW Ramo mulch

Ramo is the best mulch for maximizing your soils health and the growth of your plants. It is the only mulch on the market that contains 100% hardwood species. Ramo mulch is produced by chipping our fastgrowing willow crops. Willow chips will be partially humified by their outdoor storage in the form of windrows.

This innovative method makes it possible to produce a fragmented ramial wood:

  • Consistent quality and safety over the years
  • Homogeneous composition, without acidifying effect on soil and free of organic compounds potentially toxic to plants
  • From renewable and stable supply from one year to the next

Ramo RCW is available in bulk and in 2 ft³ bags.

What is ramial chipped wood (RCW)?

Ramial chipped wood (RCW) is a mixture of wood chips resulting from the fragmentation of twigs (diameter < 7 cm) of hardwood tree species. From the most active and nutrientrich part of the tree, RCW used as mulch or amendment stimulates soil microbial activity and activates biological processes responsible for its transformation into stable humus. By its effect on soil humus content of RCW is a simple and effective way to improve long term soil fertility.


Why use Ramo RCW mulch?

RCW fulfills the functions of a conventional mulch, including:

  • Weed control
  • Ground temperature regulation
  • Soil moisture maintenance
  • Water and wind erosion prevention

By stimulating biological activity and the formation of stable humus in soil, Ramo RCW :

  • Stimulates soil biodiversity
  • Improves soil structure and porosity
  • Can reduce the amount of nutrients and water needed for plant growth

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