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A team of 40 people ready to fight

Management team

Francis Allard

Co-founder & President

Olivier Payette

Co-founder & Agro Director

Xavier Lachapelle-T. ing.

Partner & Phytotechnologies Director

Benjamin Walczak ing.

Partner & Green Barriers Director

Mathieu Turcot

Financial director

Jean Shoiry

Partner & Consultant

Olivier Lalonde

Manager of agronomic activities

Jérôme Verry

Communications and Marketing Director

The team

Louis-Clément Barbeau ing.

R&D project manager

Ginette Lord


Elmer-Alexander Sut-Vargas

Daily worker

Raphelle Martineau CPI

Project manager

Jorges-Damian Hernandez-Ramirez

Daily worker

Louise Dufour

Administrative assistant

Kathleen Dubé ing.

Business Development and Sales Manager

Juan-Carlos Quiej-Surec

Daily worker

Kevin Osiel Sandoval Escobar

Daily worker

Karl Boucher

Phytotechnology project manager

Simon Piette

Business Development and Sales Manager

Xavier Dansereau


Mario Bastien

Daily worker

Francis Dubé


Stéphanie Duval

farm manager

Eleazar Rubio-Montoya

Daily worker

Paméla Baillargeon

Accounting Assistant

Danilo-Alexander Sunuc-Tuctuc

Daily worker

Edgar Eliseo Sut Vargas

Daily worker

Kevin Destruy

IT manager

Serge St-André

Daily worker

Antoine Bordeleau

Daily worker

Gustavo Hernandez-Ramirez

Daily worker

Alain Vendette

Daily worker

« Working at Ramo is more than a job, it is having an impact on the environment. »

Simon Piette, business development

The Ramo team

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