What is Ramo?

An environmental circular
economy model based on willows.

Nursery and supply
of willows

Willow Plantation

Management of organic residuals and waste water

Ramial chipped wood, soil health

Noise barriers and fences

Our mission

Solving environmental problems with plant technologies.

Our products & services


Main producer in North America, we offer willow in all its forms (cuttings, stems, bundles, mulch, etc.) as well as a planting service for your large-scale projects.

Phytotechnological solutions

Our phytotechnological solutions take advantage of the physiological characteristics of willow to solve various environmental challenges such as wastewater wastewater volumes or green waste management.

Green barriers

We offer a range of noise barriers and wooden fences. An ecological and sustainable solution to the problems of noise and visual pollution.

2022 in a few figures


planted willows


liters wastewater reduced


tons of CO2 captured


tons of green waste applied


meters of green screens

Saving the world
one willow tree at a time!

Want to make
an impact on the environment?

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