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Number of liters of wastewater reduced by our team as of today

What is Evaplant Technology? 

Evaplant relies on the evapotranspiration of willows to reduce the volume of wastewater from industrial sites. The technology also enables soil micro-organisms to degrade certain contaminants, and willows to absorb pollutants.
Fully automated, irrigation is modulated according to the willows’ needs and climatic conditions.

We have a state-of-the-art team and specialized equipment to carry out your projects, from planting to harvest. In addition, our nursery, which produces several million willow cuttings annually, can guarantee you quality planting material and offer you the best varieties available on the market.

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The Benefits


Valorization of the resources of an effluent by the production of high added value  products.


Partial or complete reduction of the volume of an effluent by evapotranspiration.


Carbon capture in willow biomass.

End to end project

1. Engineering

Preliminary and detail engineering

Physical and chemical characterization of the site’s soil

– Effluent characterization

Treatability trials 

Authorization request 

2. Settlement

Willow plantation

Preparation of the settlement area

Mechanized planting of willows 

Follow-up of establishment of the plantation and screening 

3. Installation

Installation of the wastewater application system

– Installation of the application system and the pumping station

Implementation of environmental monitoring instrumentation 

4. Operation and Monitoring

Technical and environmental monitoring of the process

Operation and maintenance of the process

Environmental monitoring of the process

Measurement of the agronomic and chemical properties of willows

Seasonal monitoring of biomass yield


5. willow harvest

Willow harvest and local use of biomass

Quantification of the absorption of nutrients and metals by willows

Quantification of carbon capture by the process

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