Dried barkless fence 

The combination of our barkless dried willow fences and climbing plants offers an incomparable rustic character.

A rustic look

The peeled willow gives a natural and contemporary look. Over the years, the barked willow turns gray and blends in with the landscape. It is possible to incorporate ornamental climbing plants.

Zero maintenance and lifespan

Unlike traditional pine or cedar fences, no maintenance is required on our bark willow fences. When the wood is well ventilated and judiciously used, it offers very good resistance. You only have to think of the old farm barns that are centuries old.

The life expectancy of the willow fence is estimated to be 25 years and more. Willows will naturally age by turning gray.

A Quebec ecological fence

Cultivated on nearly 170ha in Saint-Roch-de-l’Achigan in Lanaudière, the willow used in our fences captures carbon and does not travel thousands of kilometers by truck.

Our fences are harvested and then manufactured by our team with care. Buying a Ramo Ecrans Verts fence is to encourage Quebec’s green revival.

In short, why choose us?

• A fence designed, grown, harvested and made in Quebec

• Natural, recycled or recyclable materials

• Willow stems which capture 32kg of CO2 / m2

• A greening of the landscape

• A surface not receptive to graffiti

Technical informations

• Our fences are 6 feet high and 5 feet wide. For the commercial, tailor-made is possible.

• The installation is done by our network of distributors

• It is suggested to put climbing plants for more privacy and to extend the life of the fence.

• A base charge is applied regardless of the length of the project.

Contact us

517 Ruisseau des Anges Sud Saint-Roch-de-l’Achigan, Québec, J0K 3H0,



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