Frequently asked questions

We have answered most of the questions that may have been asked about our fences.

Where can I get the price of dried fencing?

Click on “Free quote” and tell us about your project, we will be happy to assist you in its realization.

Do Ramo green screens handle the installation of fences?

Ramo Green Screens does not offer installation services, however we have authorized installers in all regions of Quebec. It is also possible to do the installation yourself, thanks to our guide.

What are the materials of your dried fences?

These are willow tree stems, braided around hot-dipped galvanized steel posts. The structure of the panels is made of larch.

Is it possible to just fix the panels to the ground without making a hole? (Example, on a balcony, a patio...)

We provide standard panels and we invite you to contact one of our distributors to evaluate the technical feasibility.

What is the size of the panels?

The standard width of our panels is 5 feet. The height is 6 feet. For commercial or institutional use, custom-made panels are possible. The thickness is 5 inches.

Is the installation of your fences similar to the installation of conventional fences?

Yes, our fences are installed in the same way as more conventional fences.

What maintenance is required for dry fencing?

No maintenance is required! We do not recommend applying any varnish or other products.

My neighbor makes noise, can I have a noise barrier?

Please note that our fences have no acoustic properties. Only noise walls, which are reserved for commercial or municipal customers, provide protection from noise. If you would like to benefit from a noise barrier near your home, please contact your local elected official.

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