Our phytotechnological solutions use the physiological characteristics of willowto solve various environmental challenges.

Evaplant – Willow filtering plantation

Our unique Willow filtering plantation process treats and valorize wastewater through soil, microorganisms and willows combined action.

Because of willowhigh transpiration, our vegetalized filter process is one of the only technologies that can reduce water volumeto discharge. This can facilitate the achievement of certain environmental discharge objectives (EDOs).

Supply of cuttings

Whether it is for stabilizing shorelines, revegetation of degraded sites, installation of riparian buffers or windbreaks, Ramea phytotechnologiesis the partner of choice for Quebec’s soil bioengineering contractors. With more than 30 shrub willow varieties in production on nearly 165 hectares of plantation, we can provide you with plant material that meets your needs, regardless of your project size.


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