Noise barriers with debarked willow facade


By removing the bark, water will not accumulate in between the bark and the wood and the stems will consequently remain drier and maintain their original aesthetics longer. With the unaltered willow, the bark peels off over time giving a very rustic appearance to the product. This phenomenon will not occur with debarked fences which makes it suitable for projects that want to attain a more contemporary finish of woven willow stems.

The willow stems will turn in a beautiful platinum grey over time. Since it is not mandatory to plant fastgrowing vine plants in order to protect the stems from UV radiation to maintain the original look, it is possible to instead plant slow growing ornamental climbers such as clematis and hydrangea climbers.

For our products design, we only use robust, sustainable and recyclable materials. To maximize their durability, we use large diameter willow stems. The frames are made of galvanized steel and very resistant wood such as oak, larch, hemlock or locust trees.

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