Willow plantation

ha of willow plantation in Canada

Tons of CO2 captured annually


Willow is a tree with many properties that will adapt to very difficult conditions.

Density of

16,000 trees/ha

Harvesting every 3 years for revalorization into eco products

Fast growth

Carbon sequestration 4 to 6 times higher than commercial species grown in Canada

 Customer service from variety selection to post-production follow-up

Work with Ramo

Ramo is specialized in the cultivation of willows and in the development of vegetated environmental technologies since 2006. It has a nursery recognized as part of the AFC 2 billion tree planting project.

The company is a circular economy model: Production of cuttings, planting of willows on degraded sites, recovery of wastewater, management of fertilizing residual materials, manufacture of fences and noise barriers, erosion projects and production of RCW mulch (Ramial Chipped Wood)

Possible projects

  •  Restoration of industrial degraded sites or mining sites 
  • Tree planting for municipal and industrial waste landfills 
  • Regeneration of soils by willows
  • Growth in riparian buffers
  • Source of chip supply for the particle board industry. 


  • Environmental Benefit : CO2 capture and sequestration
  • Parallel environmental benefits : Possibility of revegetation of degraded sites, treatment and recovery of wastewater or fertilization of residual materials.
  • Social benefit : Embellishment for better social acceptance. 

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