Our employees are like our machinery: we take good care of them to keep them around for a long time, but above all we trust them.

We’re growing, we’ve got a job for you!

Always ready
to grow

Are you looking to give meaning to your work and put your skills and talent to good use to help improve the lot of our planet? Are you passionate about the environment and want to help solve environmental problems using green technologies?

Stephanie, Ramo’s attention to detail since 2018.

Playing in the fields,
do you like it?

Come and work in the country while enjoying all the advantages of the city. Just 35km from Montreal, you won’t have to spend your life in a traffic jam.

Repairing and beautifying the world with plants

We love new technology just as much as our old 1985 Massey Ferguson, because in the end, they still do the job, so why change them?

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